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  Welcome to A & T Auto Sales LLC,

Your Columbia Missouri Dealer


What makes A & T Auto Sales LLC different than every other used car dealership?


At A & T Auto Sales we understand that buying a vehicle is a big investment and should be treated as such.  Because of that, we have a very low pressure atmosphere.  We don't even have a "sales staff!"  For us it isn't all about making the sale.  We want to help you find a vehicle you love...   That's what we're here for!


Your peace of mind and satisfaction is what is most mportant.....


We strive to sell only the highest quality used vehicles at great prices.  Unfortunately, no matter how high the quality, unexpected things can happen to a vehicle....   We want to help give you peace of mind about your new purchase from A & T Auto Sales.  We believe in our vehicles and that’s why we provide a FREE 1 month engine & transmission warranty with each vehicle we sell!


So what are you waiting for?  Come take a test drive today!

Dealer Information

Phone Number

  (573) 442-0745

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   (859) 983-5937

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  (314) 270-5314

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Company Contact

Adrian Ahuja
(859) 983-5937
A & T Sales Office
(573) 442-0745

1210 Prathersville Rd. Suite C, Columbia MO 65202

Opening Hours


9 am - 7 pm


9 am - 7 pm


9 am - 7 pm


9 am - 7 pm


9 am - 7 pm


9 am - 7 pm